Spa Thermal Park Hotel Complex Available Units boxes;

  • Thermal SPA Unit
  • Healty Living Unit
  • Skin Care Unit
  • Thermal SPA Treatment Unit

As well as in the treatment of many chronic diseases and the occurrence of disease prevention and cure, can be used to improve the spa. Chronic illness which affect the person's life, especially a portion of the long (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, asthma etc.). If applied, at defined intervals spa cure treatment program is created, the only option. In other words, in many chronic diseases of the organ systems and hot spring cure the majority of treatment and rehabilitation programs, consideration should be given as to an efficient and useful.

Call the hot mineral waters and muds applied thermo-mineral water spas, temperature, buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure as well as the mechanical and chemical effects caused by chemical substances, especially in reducing the pain in many diseases, including rheumatic diseases, increase circulation, muscles and joints, improves function. Apart from the effects of these local and fast three - four weeks and these effects are applied in the form of cures of six months to a year is a case of people's overall well-being as well as the ongoing arise.

  • Thermal indoor and outdoor semi-olympic swimming pool
  • Thermal therapy pools
  • Turkish Baths
  • Sauna
  • Mud Baths
  • Aromatherapy Baths
  • Thermal pool, thermal hot tub and fill private family rooms are available.
Membership System

Written above only applies to those memberships.

Can be used only by the person named on the surname.

Membership is valid on the start and end.

Rights will expire unused until the end date.

Membership of the contract is subject to the use of the card.

Our hotel are kindly requested to provide information in case of loss of card accounting.

Subscribe entries can not be accepted, depending on the intensity of the hotel on the weekends.

Haute couture is not transferable.

Who can participate?

Our membership of the format which meets the specifications required by the contract, which agreed to implement the rules, protecting the rights of other hotel guests and members can benefit everyone.


Types of Membership
  • Individual 3 months unlimited day use: Per Person 550.00 TL
  • Individual 6 months unlimited day use: Per Person 950.00 TL
  • Individual 12 months unlimited day use: Per Person 1.400.00 TL

All prices are including VAT 01/01/2013 - 31/12/2013 Between. VAT and other matters of the state reflected in the price will increase.

Spa Center, Personal Care, Massage, Detox, Doctor Fish, Ozone, Peeling Foam and so on. applications of our members are entitled to a 15% discount.

However, in the hotel restaurant, Vitamin Bar, and so on. 15% discount on food and beverage spending will have the right units.Yine otel içerisindeki Restaurant, Vitamin Bar vb. yiyecek içecek ünitelerinden yapacağı harcamalardan da %15 indirim hakkı vardır.

Documents required for the new record:


Documents required for membership renewal:
  • Membership Renewal Form
  • Membership fee receipt
  • "Sports do not mind on having." (Specialist in internal medicine doctor) and "infectious disease." (Specialist Dermatology Specialist) must take labeled Health Report. (For each of the family members.)


Note: Membership for anyone who "Sport is a safe bet on having." (Specialist in internal medicine doctor), and "not a contagious disease." (Specialist in dermatology doctor) should be labeled as Health Report.


Payment of Membership Fees

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Hastur Hastane ve Turizm İşletmeleri A.Ş. Halkbank Account Numbers

(TL)Branch Code: 0185 Account No: 10260066 IBAN NO: TR63 0001 2009 1850 0010 2600 66

($) Branch Code: 0185 Account No: 53000015 IBAN NO: TR79 0001 2009 1850 0053 0000 15

(€) Branch Code: 0185 Account No: 58000020 IBAN NO: TR79 0001 2009 1850 0058 0000 20


As described above or can be made by credit card. Date receipt during the procedure that should be part of the membership of the person who made the statement "Name and Pool Membership Fee phrase must be present. Desired by our members can apply to the output of an interactive computer accounts make the payment. Date time; starts from the day's card is included in the system. Entire property areas (pool, exercise room, sauna) is limited by available capacity.



  • Caravan & Camping Service

    Caravan & Camping Our offer is valid between 09/06/2015 and 18/09/2015 date. To take advantage of this opportunity validity campaign between online / through call center and must be booked

  • Sandıklı Thermal Park Spa Packages

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