About Thermal Water

Thermal spring, which is came out from a crack 2000 years ago, is 350 meters away from our hotel, after cooled in our hotel garden at a depth 252 meters, at a temparature of 72 degrees and 50 liters per second with the help of heat exchanger without any mix is served to usage ( the property of cooling the hot water and cold water pipes each other). Our country which is rich about geothermal health that comes with healing water is in the most richest 7 countries. One of these source is in our hotel. By providing treatment service with 2000 years healing water, we have physical therapy and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and besaides these Turkish bath, sauna, massages, mudbath and herbal bath, milk bath, daisy & thyme bath and also to keep your vitality fitness and aerobic.

Benefit of Spring Water

Rheumatic Diseases, Romatoid Artrit ( Inflammatory Rheumatic Artralgias

Ankilozan Spondilit ( The disease that bacbone gets motionless in time)

Osteortroz (Calcification)

Skin diseases such as psora

Soft tissue rheumatic diseases (Fibromyalji, bends)

Hernia of the loins and cervical disk hernia, disc diseases sunch as siyafalji

Fascia and tendon diseases

Mechanic neck and waist aches

Stiffness in joints after various orthopedic operations

Neurological Diseases (Neuralgias and  strokes such as neurelgia and paralyser)

Strengthening the organism by regulating the iron rate, eliminating inherent weaknesses

Some imflammatory diseases that keeps going long time

Male sexual desire disorders (Empontants, infertility)

All kind of problems that connect to stress

Insomnia, irritability, physically and mentally tiredness, forgetfullness

Hair shedding and breaking, nail and skin diseases

Skin beauty and diseases

Chronic pain

Gynaecological diseases’ treatment

Points to Take Consideration While Using Spring Water

Using spring water in our country is usually known wrong. Thermal pool usage needs to be programmed and limited because enough is as good as a feast. Thermal pools are for therapy and treatment. They should be used twice in a day for 15-20 minutes period. Spring water provides removing toxin out of body thanks to its high rate of antioxidant. Immune system gets stronger by defecating from toxin. The body that has stronger immune system can defeat lots of diseases. Shouldn’t be swimming in the thermal pool. In moving body, sweat glands labor and it plugs up the skin; that is the reason why the body gets clean and by waiting in the pool the cure is completed. Body temperature of human is 36.5 centigrade degree. The heat of the water needs to be close to body heat in a  course of treatment at a spa The appropriate degree of the heat is between 37.0 and 40.0 centigrade degree. There is a folk visdom as “ The more I stay in the water, the better it is.” but it is definitely wrong and dangerous. For using thermal pools conciuosly, an asistence needs to be taken from the experts in the complex. Before using thermal pool, each person should be informed of his/her condition and after health problems are identified, if available, the person should use thermal pools proprietary. Spa treatment can be given almost all chronic diseases. It can be applied after trauma and orthopedic attempt as bath especially for locomotor system diseases, rheumatic diseases’ chronic period such as rheumatoid spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis, It can be applied as thermo-mineral bath, combination of sun and climate treatment for diseases such as skin diseases, eczema, acne, psora. Mudbath is used mainly for stomach, intestine, liver and metabolism diseases such as bile ducts diseases, gout and diabetes treatment. Mud and bath cures are used for kidney and urinary tract infection and renal calculus. Spa treatment purifies the patient from the daily distress both physically and mentally. The person moves away the habitat which he/she lives and affects his/her illness in the bad way. The naturality and climate of spa affects the person positively but it is extremely harmful and forbidden for the people who have inflammatory diseases, organ failure such as heart, kidney and liver, active cancer, gastric ulcer, an open sore.


The most important characteristic of Sandıklı Hüdaii Kaplıcaları that distinguish from other hot springs is its mudbath which is known all over the world. This mudbath is made from healing water which boils 500 meters long geologic crack and the heat that reachs 68 centigrade degree. We serve our dear guests 2000 year old miraculous healing water with Sandıklı Thermal Park Hotel’s quality and comfort. Sandıklı Thermal Park Hotel’ s water and mud is surprisingly beneficial for your body. It can be used as supportive/complement particularly for inflammatory rheumatic disease( rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid spondytilis), on the chronic peirods such as chronic backache, noninlammatory joint diseases such as  osteoarthisis, treatment of soft tissue diseases such as myositis, tendinitis, trauma, fibromyalgia sendrome, orthopedic operations, after brain and nerve surgery staying motionless in case neurologic rehabititation,general stress disorders such as stress  neurovegetative and sport laceration.

Thermal Steam Room and Befits of It

It is realized with the help of thermal waters steam which is above body temperature. The implementation style is usually inhalation which is aspiratşon of the steam. The hot water steam is transmitted from the holes in the floor or ceiling. It is known that hot water steam is useful for skin diseases, too. The heat is maximum 45 centigrade degree and humidity rate is close to %100.  It is thougt as it is the easiest way to get rid of toxins. By this way, the pores of the skin are opened and it egestion millions of sweat glands. The body excretions. Bloodstream accelerates but tension does nor rise because on the one hand with the influence of heat slood supply accelerates on the other hand capillaries get wider. Steam provides relief upper airway maturation and congest.By humecting the air it heals throat irritation, spazm breathing( asthma, whooping cough). Steam releases secretion and stimulates mucus secretion from throat and lungs. Steam loosens muscles and decreases the cough.



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