As Sandıklı Thermal Park Hotel, in order to benefit the present and future generations, we have promised to carry out our business with a vision that respects environmental sustainability. We believe that by making responsible choices we can reduce negative influence on environment. We thank you for your support about this hotel’s contribution of the environment.

To see how important role of supporting to protect the environment, please read below execution.

  • Don’t drive your car only for a day. Walk, ride a bike or use public transportatiton.
  • Keep energy. Turn off the light which is unnecessary, do not leave unused tools attached to socket and keep close the windows while air conditioner is working..
  • The water is priceless. Only 1% of the world’ s water resources can be used for drinking. Don’ t waste this. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Don’ t throw unnecessary materials into toilet.
  • Before washing your sheets, towels, bathrobes value of the water; be aware of the chemical waste damage to nature such as detergent.
  • Decrease your usage. Reuse, promote recycling. By rejecting usage of nylon bag, support recycling.
  • Respect to nature and cultural heritage. Help us to protect nature and wildlife and construct an environment as if it is your own home.
  • Promote nature protection movement. There are hundreds of businesses that tries to reduce the damage to social life and environment. Make your daily spending wisely.

But most especially have a great time by taking advantage of the sevices that we provide when you are at the center of mudbath and healing water.



  • Caravan & Camping Service

    Caravan & Camping Our offer is valid between 09/06/2015 and 18/09/2015 date. To take advantage of this opportunity validity campaign between online / through call center and must be booked

  • Sandıklı Thermal Park Spa Packages

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