The most important feature that distinguishes Sandıklı Thermal Park Hotel from other thermal facilities;

  • Its mudbath that is known all over the world,
  • Thermal water that’s mud, mineral and iron rate is high,
  • It balances the ion rate of body,
  • Helps to eliminate static electricity and toxins in body, which increases body resistance and blood circulation,
  • It is good for rheumatism, arthralgia and muscle aches, psora, cervical disk hernia and hernia of the lions, fungus, gynaecological diseases, depression and stress disorders,
  • It retards wrinkles,
  • It is said that our Doctor Fish,coming from Sivas-Kangal, are used in the treatment of psoriasis, fungal, skin diseases like eczema and also they are called as manicurist-pedicurist fish because they cleans slough without pain.
  • First step of spa treatment starts with bath-glow and bubblebath

  • When bath-glow and bublebath is made, slough is thrown from body and pores are opened
  • You can let off steam in bath which is preapared with fragrant herbal oils and milk bath in our spa center
  • Special skin care prevents the wrinkles and deformation which can be occurred when getting older
  • Paraffin which is used for softening hand and body, is also used for nerve compression, arthralgia and osteoarthisis as physiotherapy
  • Special skin care for wrinkles that occur with age and the prevention of problems such as deformation how useful,
  • Paraffin hand and body care, physical therapy, nerve entrapment, but softens the skin, is applied to joint pain and arthritis,
  • The benefits of salt room for asthma, bronchitis,copd
  • The fact that ozone treatment is effective in loosing weight, increases the blood circulation which goes to cells and tissues, thus providing skin renewal tight and smooth appearance,
  • Do you know all above and physical therapy and rehabilitation, early diagnosis, detox and private family bathrooms are served with Sandıklı Thermal Park Hotel quality?

Take advantage of all these services to add health to your health and beauty to your beauty! We are waiting for you for our implementation at Spa Center that is on the -2 floor!



  • Caravan & Camping Service

    Caravan & Camping Our offer is valid between 09/06/2015 and 18/09/2015 date. To take advantage of this opportunity validity campaign between online / through call center and must be booked

  • Sandıklı Thermal Park Spa Packages

Do you know these?

ion balance in the body

Expert hands by to rid of stress to a great massage that is done, you can relax all your negative

The first step in thermal utilization

Expert hands by to rid of stress to a great massage that is done, you can relax all your negative

His fame spread throughout the world, mud baths

Experts expect rid of stress is a wonderful massage performed by hands, you can relax your muscles